Monday, March 25, 2013

A Binge-y Weekend

I had a really crappy training week last week, that ended up as ending with a bad food week as well.

I raced really hard last Sunday and did really well. I took Monday as a rest day, as usual. I went to bootcamp on Tuesday and my shins were KILLING me! I've never had issues with shin splints before and I kind of thought that I never would. I made it through bootcamp without doing any running, jumping jacks, side box jumps, or burpees. I took Wednesday off. I went for a run on Thursday. I completely underestimated the wind and cold! It was a miserable run. 2.3 miles. Friday seemed REALLY nice, so I decided to run. I, again, underestimated the cold and wind. Ran 2.5 miles. I was running on a new path. It has absolutely no wind cover. I don't think I'll be running there again. Then it was raining and super cold on Saturday, so no run. Sunday it snowed, so no run.

I was happy to have gotten in the few miles that I did, but with the 1/2 marathon 6 weeks away, I really need to get in gear. What it really comes down to is excuses. I was using the weather and shin splints as excuses. I could've gone to the gym and ran on the treadmill.

Then it manifested into my eating this weekend! I ate McDonalds for breakfast on Saturday. An Egg McMuffin, hash brown, and diet Dr. Pepper. Could've been worse, but still, McDonalds! Then Paul and I went to the movies (Oz, which was really good!) and we got popcorn and another diet soda! I counted that as my lunch. Then for dinner we went to Chipotle. I know that the bowl I get there is about 900 calories! Geez!

Sunday was basically a free for all binge day. I made these green chocolate chip pancakes that I meant to make on St. Patricks Day and eggs. After Paul went to work and Elliott was playing in her room, I started eating bagged cookie mix! Freaking cookie mix! Elliott came in and started asking me for some, which made me stop. I put dish soap in it and threw it away. For lunch I had 2 servings of Taco Soup (which is a Clean Eating recipe, so it could've been worse) and for dinner I had 2 hot dogs. I also had some Fun Dip and 3 Reese's Eggs.

I think part of the issue was that I hadn't been grocery shopping and we didn't have a lot of good choices in the house. Today is a new day, and so far I have done fine.

I think another thing that triggered me is a conversation I had last week. A lady I work with told me that she had gained 6 pounds after her husband came home from being out of state for awhile. I told her that I feel like I'm constantly on the verge of spiraling out of control and gaining all the weight back. And I do feel that way. I feel the same way about running. Like if I miss even one run, that I have to start from scratch again.

Today I'm going to work on a diet plan for my brother. He wants to lose weight and is having a hard time getting started. He and I are a lot alike, especially with the all or nothing mentality. That's why I never succeeded in losing weight before. I would start out gung ho and then burn out almost instantly. It was lots of small changes that lead to what I have achieved.

So, here's to a better week ahead.

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