Friday, March 30, 2012

The Big Ditch Run

OMG, I'm glad this week is over (almost! I still have to work 3 hours tomorrow.) It had been a strange week!

Stephanie and I were going to go swimming tonight, but Paul wanted to enjoy the nice evening. He flies RC airplanes and he wanted to go tonight. So I canceled with Stephanie and went with him. Elliott and I took a long walk on this trail that was called "The Big Ditch Run". I carried her on my shoulders for most of the walk, which had me sweating! I can't believe I used to carry around almost 2 of her all day ever day in extra body fat!

Tomorrow is a S2F run in morning. Then I work for 3 hours. Then tomorrow night Stephanie and I are going to the drive-in movie to see the Hunger Games with two other girls we work with, Kara and Bekki. I'm really excited to see it!

Here is a funny picture of Elliott on the way home today! She is so silly!

That's all for now!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

4 Years

Today is Paul and I's 4th wedding anniversary. I'm almost back down to the weight I was when we got married. I was around 190 when we got married... I started at 210 and had a year to lose, but I didn't take it seriously and only lost 20lbs. We don't have any huge plans to celebrate... I made some baked tilapia for dinner and then he went to a meeting of a club he is in... For our 1st anniversary we went to a Bed & Breakfast. Our 2nd anniversary, we had a 12 day old baby, so we just had a casual dinner at Red Robin. Last year we got into a huge fight, so we didn't even really talk... I'm completely exhausted, so I don't feel like making a huge deal of in anyway. Elliott got out of bed and was crying last night, so Paul brought her into our bed. I never sleep very well if she sleeps with us. Which is weird, because she slept with us until she was about 18 months old.

Today was Monday Part 4! I'm usually off on Tuesdays, but this week and next I have to work because someone is on vacation. I'm so ready for a day off, but I'll love my paycheck!

I did really good counting my points again today! I was supposed to go to boot camp tonight, but I really did not feel like going.

Stephanie and I are going to go swimming tomorrow night at the Y.