Sunday, March 18, 2012

Til Next Year

Yesterday was completely exhausting! It started with my 730a group run, which sucked again! I don't know what is wrong with me. I feel like I'm getting worse instead of getting better. I actually started crying towards the middle of the run. And not just a few tears, I was ugly crying! I was crying because it was so hard! I hope I have a better running week next week. Especially with the race on the horizon.

After the run, I came home to finish the cookies and cookie bark I was making for Elliott's party. That's when my SIL, Jennifer, called. She was going to meet me out the building to set up. I had told her 9am, but I was thinking 930a. I had Paul load my car. While he was doing that, the dog got out! Ahh!

I finally got there to meet Jennifer close to 10a. We had been talking on the phone because she couldn't find the building. It was supposed to be building #5, it had green trim. I reserved it online, so I didn't know much else about it. She said that she went to one with a #5 on it, but it didn't have green trim, and it was locked. When I got there, we found one with green trim that I thought looked like the picture AND it was unlocked, so it must be the one... We took the food inside and set up tables. The park called me to confirm my reservation on Friday. They left a voicemail that they would unlock the building at 8a, and if that didn't work, then call them. Well, that was fine, but when we got there, I figured that someone would've left a key, which they did not. I figured it would be fine, so we left the food and stuff. Her daughter had a soccer game at 1130a and Paul and I were taking Elliott to the St. Patrick's Day Parade at 12p, so we left around 11ish.

I went home and got Paul and Elle and we went to the parade. We watched the parade for about an hour, and then left. We went and got some lunch at Wendy's (I had a grilled chicken sandwich, no side...) and went to Party City to get a few last minute things.

Paul and Elliott at the parade

Stephanie was meeting me at the park at 145p to finish setting up. Also, my MIL wanted to take Easter pictures with all of the cousins so she had everyone meeting there an hour early. So they all went out to take pictures and Stephanie, Jennifer and I were finishing set up. I went to put the food out on the table and I couldn't find the cookies I had made. Then I started to realize there were several things missing. The cookies, the chocolate button pretzels, a box of Lucky Charms, and the cups. I realized someone must have come in and stolen my stuff. I was SO MAD! I wanted to cry, but I didn't. We called my FIL and asked him to bring some cups and some mint oreos. Jennifer's husband, Mark (Paul's brother) brought some girl scout cookies. They left the stuff to make punch and the smaller container of the pretzels. I was so angry. I worked so hard on all of that stuff.

After my FIL got there, the party pretty much started. Everyone ate and then Elliott opened her gifts. She had a good time. We were starting to wrap up the party when an older man came into the building and said that he needed to talk to the person who had rented this building. So I went outside with him and apparently I was not in the correct building. He was kind of accusing me of doing it on purpose. I told him that the lady called me and told me it would be unlocked. Jennifer said that she had gone to the other one and it was not unlocked. He tried to call the lady, but got her voicemail. He finally started to be nice and realized that I wasn't trying to cheat them (the building we were in by accident cost 2x more) and said that it was okay.

There was kind of a lot of horrible things that happened, but it was my girls birthday, so it was a great day! She had a lot of fun! We came home and she played with her new toys and then we pretty much collapsed on the couch at about 830p. I'm glad it's over until next year!

I also have an updated progress picture. I had Kim take this yesterday morning after our run!

March 17, 2012: 213#

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