Tuesday, June 26, 2012


First, I want to thank you all for all of your support yesterday! I appreciate you all so much!

When we first got our training plans, we had a few options: novice, beginner, intermediate, level 1, and level 2. I had naturally chosen the novice plan, but after talking to my friend Kim, she convinced me to do beginner. The beginner plan runs Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. That is a lot of running. After my post last night, I looked at them again, and had reconsidered doing the novice plan, but I didn't want to let my friend down. This morning I got a text from Kim and it said: "So I talked to Kevin (her boyfriend) last night about or crappy run yesterday and he made me think... Am I pushing you too hard?... He basically made me realize that your goals are weight loss and new lifestyle where as mine are kind of not set in stone. Then he asked me why were were doing the beginner plan instead of the novice and I kind of realized I was dictator on that... It does move sort of fast and has lots of days of workouts per week, and you take classes at the Y... I guess I am saying that I don't want you trying to keep doing the beginner plan and end up hating running." I told her what I had thought about the plans and that I thought that running 5 days a week, especially 4 in a row was probably going to burn me out. So we are going to be heading on separate paths to our half marathon. It makes me a little sad, and a little relieved. I have really felt like I have been holding her back and I do not want to do that!

I will run that damn half marathon! I may not get up to that mileage as quickly as some other people, but I will get there!

Monday, June 25, 2012


I'm feeling extremely discouraged right now! I had a horrible run this morning! Ended up walking the majority of it. 71% humidity is just too intense!

I'm feeling like I should've chosen the novice half program to follow instead if the beginner... Uh, I don't know!

I had expected myself to be farther along in my weight loss by now! I just want to be skinny already! Or at least just plain overweight instead of obese! It makes me so mad! If I would've started the first time I was 197lbs I'd be done already!

I just wonder of I'll ever be comfortable in my body.... How much am I going to have to lose before I don't feel enormous?

My SIL always says she feels fat and she weighs 162lbs! Which I don't judge her by. I know all girls feel too big sometimes regardless if their size, but I started 98lbs heavier than that!

I just want to feel comfortable and be able to run without feeling like I'm dying! I want to wear something cute and FEEL cute!

Sorry for being a Debbie Downer, but that stupid run this morning really put a bad vibe on my day...

Sunday, June 24, 2012

New Shoes

Wave Inspire 8
Kim and I went to GoRun yesterday to get our new shoes! I got the Mizuno Wave Inspire 8s and she got the Brooks Glycerine 10s! She had the Brooks Glycerine 9s and liked them alot so she got them again in the new generation! And hers are pink! I tried on the Mizunos, a pair of Adidas, a different pair of Nikes, and a pair of Saucony's but I liked the Mizunos the best! We went to the West store, but they didn't have her size, so they called over to the East store and we went and got them there. I also got a new sweaty band! I got the thin, sparkly, black one!

After shoes, we got lunch at Pita Pit. I got the Hawaiian, which was super good! We went to leave and I couldn't find my keys, then it hit me. I had set them down on the seat next to Elliott's car seat when she started throwing a fit about not wanting to put her shoes on... So... They were locked in my car! I called on of our friends, Bekki, who is pretty good at getting us out of situations like this. So she met us there and we tried for about 2 hours to get the door unlocked. A guys stopped and tried to help us, but it was no luck. I had asked how much it cost to call a locksmith and Bekki said "$75!" I didn't want to pay that! Eventually I called the locksmith, and they quoted me $35. I should have just called in the first place, because I would've paid that rather than mess with it for 2 hours! And it was SO hot! On the phone, the locksmith place asked where we were and what color, year, make and model my car was. Just so happened that there was another red 2004 Saturn Vue in the same parking lot that the guy went to first! I don't know if he tried to get into it or what, but the alarm started going off and that is when we saw him and waved him over to us!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Week One Is Done!

Week one of half marathon training is in the books! I missed one run this week on Thursday. We were in St. Louis for Paul's grandma's funeral and we were up late on Wednesday because of a bunch of drama with his younger sister. I won't go into it, but she is crazy! I did do Wednesday's run though. I tried to talk myself out of it many times, but I'm so glad I did it!

Check out the hills down there!

The picture doesn't do it justice, but this is a severe down hill (after the up hill!)
Being from Kansas, there are not a lot of hills around here, so running on the hills of St. Louis were a bit harder for me. I was in a really pretty area though, and all the people I passed were nice.

We had our first group run this morning. It felt like the first day of school! Seeing people we knew from the last group and meeting/seeing new people. Kim and I met a girl who is new to running and newish to town. She was around our pace and really nice. I invited her to run with us during the week training. I hope she will! I liked her!

Kim and I before Day 2 training run
They had a pancake feed after the run, but I didn't indulge. I'm still trying to lose 30lbs by October. I came home and had some cottage cheese and a bowl of cereal.

There is a local ultra marathoner who started at 10pm last night and ran 50 (!!!) miles to meet us this morning! That is super impressive! I thought it was really cool! He is training to do Badwater 135 for a second time this year!

Tomorrow night, GoRun is having a movie night and showing The Distance of Truth. I'm excited to go see it!

On my way into work after Day 1
Kim and I are going to meet up around noon today to go get our new running shoes and then have lunch! I want to get some bright colorful shoes this time!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Lose A Marathon!

I've found another challenge I'm starting tomorrow! It's the Lose A Marathon Challenge! I'm very excited! It is completely in line for my goal of losing a total of 100lbs by Prairie Fire Half Marathon AND it ends Sept 17th, the Monday after the Run With Jane Half Marathon! I'm super excited!

Weigh In

I've really been concentrating on what I've been eating this week, and it has paid off! I'm almost at my next goal! I really hope to never see a 2 at the beginning of my weight ever again!

Elliott and Paul
Also, Happy Father's Day to the best guy I know! We went for breakfast this morning at this little Mom and Pop place called Dianne's. We used to go there a LOT, but we don't much anymore. Paul got his gift yesterday- a new old truck! We have been a one car family since Paul's car broke down in March. I'm SO incredibly excited to have my car back! That is going to make life so much easier! Especially with Half Marathon training starting next week!

We have 3 miles on the schedule for Monday. Kim and I are going to meet at the park at 6am. I haven't run in over a week! It feels weird!

We have to go to St. Louis this week, because Paul's grandma died yesterday. Her funeral is going to be on Wednesday. I'm not sure when we are leaving or getting back... She was very old. She would've turned 96 in August, so she had a very long life! I didn't know her very well, because we lived so far away. I only met her 3 times, but she is going to be missed! I'm glad that Elliott got to meet her last year!

Since Paul's mom is in St. Louis right now, our 2 nephews spent the night with us last night. It's weird to see Elliott play with other kids. She likes it, but she doesn't really like them touching her stuff. She is SO an only child!

I'm getting ready to go to TurboKick at 2pm. After that, I'm going to lift some weights and stuff and then go to Zumba at 4pm. That should burn off the calorie laden breakfast I had this morning!

Hope everyone is doing well!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Busy Busy Bee

I meant to blog last Saturday, but I've been pretty busy....

Last Saturday was the RiverRun 10k! Our big goal race! I was sooo nervous! But happy that morning because the weather was great! It was in the 60s! Paul dropped me off downtown at about 630a and I met up with Kim right away! I had an idea that I wanted to write a message in tape on the back of my shirt for the race. Kim said she wanted to too, so we did this:

Kim's Shirt

My Shirt
I'm so glad that we did it! We got lots of compliments on our shirts! It's funny, because she always runs to the left of me, so we never had to worry about it being backwards!

S2F Group Photo
We got to where the GoRun tent was and took our group picture at 7am. After the group photo, we made our way toward the starting line. There were LOTS of people! The gun sounded and we walked to the finish line and started running once our chip started timing. I remember looking at my Garmin and it said 0.48 miles and I already wanted to stop and walk, but I promised myself that I was going to run this whole thing. At about a mile in, we somehow got next to this woman that was singing loudly and horribly and she was walking and somehow ahead of us!

Traditional Pre Race Photo!
We were near a lot of the people from our group. Most of them were running, then walking, then running, then walking. That gets kind of annoying when you keep passing and getting passed by the same people over and over again, but we just kept running. We brought our hand held water bottles, so we didn't even have to stop for the water stations.

 I remember passing the 5k mark and being SO excited! And after the 5k mark, it seemed to get much easier! I was able to go faster with less effort and felt pretty good all around.

Stephanie with her sign!
Stephanie couldn't run it, but she said that she was going to come and cheer us on. Before the race, I was telling Kim that I wish we would've told her to meet us at mile 5, because that's when I felt like I would really need a cheerleader. Well, at mile 5, we didn't see Steph, but we saw the T1 and T2, the guys that help with our program. T1 saw us and pointed at us and gave us a thumbs up! It was really awesome! I felt like we did have someone at mile 5 cheering for us! Then we got to mile 6 and there was Stephanie with a sign! She yelled to us that we just had to cross the bridge and then we'd be finished. When we were on the bridge Kim said "Tell me when you're going to go!" and I said "I'm not going to! I can't!" Then we were almost there and I said "Okay, GO!" and we ran hard to the finish!

So happy!
I felt so freaking proud! We finished with a time of 1:25:52! I didn't really have a time goal, I just wanted to run the whole thing. The course was open for 90 minutes, so I was hoping to finish before the course closed and we did that!

Carrie and Kim Post Race Photo
I ran each mile for a different person.
I ran mile 1 for Elliott, because everything I do begins and ends with her.
I ran mile 2 for Paul, because he supports me in everything I do.
I ran mile 3 for Kim because it's always tough for her to get through from 2.5-3 miles, and because she is my biggest cheerleader!
I ran mile 4 for my dad, because this is a part of my life that he never got to see, and I know he would be really proud of me!
I ran mile 5 for my mom, because I know that she could do this too if she wanted to.
And I ran mile 6.2 for me, because I deserve this!

Sarah and Jennifer after the 2 mile
After the 10k, we found my sister-in-law, Jennifer and my niece, Sarah. They were watching Elliott for me and they were also running the 2 mile race! I liked watching the two mile race and Elliott got her picture in the paper watching it!

Elliott "Running Fast"
The Elliott ran the Tot Trot! At first she didn't want to have anything to do with it, but once she realized what was going on, she had a lot of fun! It was about 40 yards, but she thought it was cool!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Final GFC2C Weigh In

I have my busy weekend to write about still, but I wanted to get my weigh in posted. Same as last week...

Also, you should go visit Karen's Giveaway for a Bondiband arm holder!