Tuesday, June 26, 2012


First, I want to thank you all for all of your support yesterday! I appreciate you all so much!

When we first got our training plans, we had a few options: novice, beginner, intermediate, level 1, and level 2. I had naturally chosen the novice plan, but after talking to my friend Kim, she convinced me to do beginner. The beginner plan runs Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. That is a lot of running. After my post last night, I looked at them again, and had reconsidered doing the novice plan, but I didn't want to let my friend down. This morning I got a text from Kim and it said: "So I talked to Kevin (her boyfriend) last night about or crappy run yesterday and he made me think... Am I pushing you too hard?... He basically made me realize that your goals are weight loss and new lifestyle where as mine are kind of not set in stone. Then he asked me why were were doing the beginner plan instead of the novice and I kind of realized I was dictator on that... It does move sort of fast and has lots of days of workouts per week, and you take classes at the Y... I guess I am saying that I don't want you trying to keep doing the beginner plan and end up hating running." I told her what I had thought about the plans and that I thought that running 5 days a week, especially 4 in a row was probably going to burn me out. So we are going to be heading on separate paths to our half marathon. It makes me a little sad, and a little relieved. I have really felt like I have been holding her back and I do not want to do that!

I will run that damn half marathon! I may not get up to that mileage as quickly as some other people, but I will get there!


  1. Even though you're going on a different training route than her, you've still got her support system :) I applaud your friend for what she said and for you listening to your body and doing what's best for your training schedule :)

  2. Listening to your body is the best way to make sure that you achieve your goal! You want to push yourself, but not too hard! You're doing great!