Monday, January 30, 2012

What Am I Doing???

I ran today. My ankle felt much better this morning, and then Stephanie brought me an air cast to work at that was even better. I ran around the office a few times and then decided that if I could get my shoe on with the cast, that I would run. And I did. And I'm glad I did. It doesn't feel any worse than it did before the run. And it still feels 100 times better than it did yesterday. I ran pretty slow, and I had to hold on to the treadmill handles some. I took it pretty easy...

This week we are really starting to build on endurance and I CANNOT miss this week! I am going to be running 20 full minutes with no walking on Saturday. I'm, most likely, going to be running a full mile for the first time in my whole life. I cannot miss these 5 and 8 minute runs and be able to keep up with the rest of my group.

Tomorrow I'll rest, and then we have a group run on Wednesday.

I really hope this was not a bad decision...

Sunday, January 29, 2012

I Cried All Day

There is no way I'm going to be able to run tomorrow. Today my ankle hurts so much worse than yesterday and it is super swollen and bruised. I've continued to ice it, wear my compression sock, take ibuprofen, elevate.

I think I'm finally done crying about it now. I've accepted that I'll probably be about a week behind in my training schedule, but I'll be back up with everyone eventually.

I watched "The Spirit of a Marathon" today and cried. I talked about my foot and cried. And read a story of a local baby (a week older than Elliott) that died today (had Leukemia) and cried.

The baby dying is what really made me get over my pity party about my ankle. I kept imagining those parents and what they are going through. Just thinking about it is horrifying.

I recently had a dream that Elliott was a teeny tiny baby again and had to have surgery. I was watching the surgery and lots of things were going wrong. Next think I knew, I was carrying a basket with a pink ribbon tied around it (presumably her body was in the basket, though I never saw it) and I was carrying it up to these stairs on this sidewalk when I dropped to the ground and started crying. Even in the dream, the grief was so overwhelming that I woke up crying so hard I woke Paul up. He asked what was wrong and I said "I had a bad dream! Go get Elliott!" And he did and I felt better that my little girl was in my arms. I wish for that family that it was all a dream.

Saturday, January 28, 2012


We had a group run this morning. I woke up, still, with a funky tummy, but decided to go anyway. As I was leaving I told Paul that I hoped I didn't vomit or, worse, poop my pants! I stopped by Dillons (the grocery store) and got some Immodium to see if that would help. I must have because the run was great! It felt a lot easier today. I didn't (nor did I even feel like I was going to) vomit or poop my pants. While we were doing our cool down walk and as I was rejoicing in the fact that all my bodily fluids stayed put I stepped off the concrete path and rolled my ankle and fell to the ground. My glasses flew off. I scrapped my knee. Joy. The two head guys running the group came over to me. They thought I had passed out. Nope, just stepped off that stupid path!

I wanted to cry so bad! Not because I was in pain, not because I was embarrassed, but because this is going to be a road block for me. I'm SO PISSED that this happened!

I've wrapped it, iced it, elevated it, heated it. It hurts. It's a little swollen and bruised. I'm just wondering how long it is going to be until I run again. I have a run scheduled on Monday, and I don't really intend to miss it. Our runs are amping up, and I really, really, really need all the practice I can get.


Friday, January 27, 2012

Not feeling too hot today...

So at my weigh in on Wednesday, I weighed 224.8 for a loss of 1.4 pounds! I was able to cross off a goal on my list! My next goal weight is 219, which was my highest weight ever after my wedding.

Stephanie and I ran with the S2F group on Wednesday night. Our longest running interval was 5 minutes. It wasn't bad. I feel like I'm trucking right along! We got our certificates for our 5 free yoga classes and they had a yoga clinic after the run. I'm kind of excited about the yoga classes! I had a cross training scheduled for yesterday and I had planned on getting up and going to the Y at 5am, but when my alarm went off, I was way too tired. Then my stomach started hurting really bad at work, so I didn't go at lunch or after work either. I'm trying not to feel guilty about it because I need to listen to my body. I'm still not feeling well today. I left work at lunch time to come home and rest.

Tonight Elliott and I are going to see Disney Princesses Live with my SIL and niece. I hope I feel better by then. I'm going to go either way, because it was $50 for the tickets!

We have another S2F group run tomorrow morning. I REALLY hope I feel better by then, because I do NOT want to miss any of my runs.

The other day a lady thought I was pregnant. It kind of upset me, because I have been feeling really great because I'm losing consistently and then someone has to go and think I'm pregnant! Ah! She was talking to Elliott and I, and told me about her daughter being pregnant and she said that she was due March 20th. I told her that Elle's birthday was the 17th and she asked how old she was going to be, and I told her she was going to be 2. Then she said "And you're having another baby..?" and I said "Nope." But in my head I was thinking "Actually, I've recently lost 35lbs. Thanks for taking me back down a notch!" It made me realize that I have come a long way, but I still have a LONG way to go! By this time next year, no one will think I'm pregnant ever again!!!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Does The Zoo Count As Cross Training?

I was getting ready to go run with Kim this morning and I was getting Elliott's outfit ready (otherwise, who knows what Paul would put her in. Once I didn't put out clothes for her, and when I picked her up from her babysitter, she had on jeggings and an ugly Elmo shirt that was 2x too big for her...) and I went in to lay it out on her changing table and check on her and I woke her up. I tried to back out and close the door, but it was too late. I got her out of her crib and tried to go lay her with Paul, but she wasn't having that either. I finally left while she was still crying hysterically and I got a text from Kim canceling cause she is sick. I'm kind of glad, because I really hate leaving her crying like that. She had just calmed down when I came back in the room. Now she is sitting with me on the couch. She is so emotional lately and it stresses me out!

Yesterday I was having some pain in my... my... my groin? The inside of my thigh where my leg attaches to my pelvis. It started Monday night and it still was painful yesterday. I was scheduled to cross train yesterday, which means I usually would go to the Y and do my mobile fit workout (strength training and cardio). Well, yesterday morning we were taking the dogs out to potty, and it was super nice outside! I decided to take Elliott to the zoo. I pulled her around in the zoo in the wagon for about 3 hours, so I counted that as my cross training. That's cross training, right?

We have a zoo membership so we go pretty often. Or at least I thought we did when I was at my heaviest. I anticipated obstacles before we left. There is a restaurant in the zoo that sells all kinds of fried foods that we usually go to to have lunch.  I usually would've spent around $15 or more on hamburger, fries, soda, and a similar meal for Elliott. Then I would've eaten what she didn't eat because I hate to see food thrown away. Instead we ate lunch before we left and brought snacks and water with us. I remember going before and having to take many breaks to sit down because I would've been so exhausted. This time we took very few breaks. We had a good time. Here are a few of pictures from our day.
She was calling the flamingos ducks!

She is almost as big as the biggest penguin!
These statues are all over the zoo and she HATES them!
So, no run this morning and tonight we have our group run tonight. I also have my WW weigh in today! I hope I lost at least a pound!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Is This Really Me?

Kim and I did our 530am Monday morning run yesterday. The training schedule had progressed us to 5 min walk 4 min run 90 sec walk 3 min run 2.5 min walk 3 min run 90 sec walk 4 min run. I feel like progressing from 3 min run to 4 min run was easier than it was from 2.5 min run to 3 min run.  That's good right? My SmartRunner app wasn't picking up our location so I had to estimate the mileage. I think it was about 1.8 miles in 26 minutes. My muscles were still really sore yesterday, but they actually felt the least sore while I was running.

After work I went to the Y with Stephanie to do some strength training and to do her run with her. We did it on the treadmill last time, and I was excited to see the mileage, however, no treadmills were available, so we ran on the track. I couldn't catch a break yesterday with the mileage!

I felt great starting the day with a workout and ending the day with a workout! It feels so not like myself, but it is like me. It's just the new me!

I've been doing great with my eating too. I've set a 7pm cut off for eating. It's working well. I think I'm going to start scheduling my snacks at work too. I have a habit of eating all my snacks early, then I'm left with nothing for the afternoon and start eating the candy in my desk... I should really throw that candy out. Anyway, yesterday I brought some banana-cauliflower bread and I ate 1/2 of it in the morning and I was saving the other 1/2 for the afternoon. I kept wanting to eat it right after lunch, but I said that I was going to wait until 330pm. At about 130pm, I wrote 330 on the ziplock bag with a sharpie, and it helped. Weird how little things like that can help...

Tomorrow is weigh in day! If I lose at least 1 pound, I will meet my WW 10% and WW 25 pounds. So hopefully I lose at least a pound! I'll get a key chain (for 10%), a charm for the key chain (for the 25 pounds), and another 5 pound sticker!

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Yesterday we had our Saturday group run for Start2Finish. It was 5 min walk 90 sec jog 90 sec walk 3 min jog 3 min walk x2. It was SO much harder than Wednesday! I'm in for a real treat next week when we start jogging more and walking less. But I'm doing so much better already. I just think that a couple weeks ago we were only jogging for 30 seconds at a time and I've already progressed a lot!

I also had an appointment with my trainer yesterday at 9am after the run. We did TRX which is strength training that uses your body weight. You use these straps. It can be harder or easier depending on how you stand.
It totally kicked my butt though. After we were done, I was walking down the stairs to leave and I wasn't sure I was going to be able to make it down! My whole body felt like a noodle! And today I am SO sore! My freaking trapezius is sore! I don't think my trapezius has ever been sore! He also had me do some cardio on the ARC trainer (elliptical thing) and my heart rate was about 155-160 the whole time and he said that was good because I was at the top of my cardio... whatever that means. I told him that when it gets that high, it kind of worries me, but he said that it was fine as long as I felt fine. I'll see him again for my last free session in a few weeks. I'm thinking about maybe paying for a session once a month or something. We'll see.

I made Sweet Potato Lentil Chili for lunch and I think I'll share the recipe. I was super delicious and only about 3 WW Points Plus per serving!

I got the recipe here, but made a few changes.

Sweet Potato Lentil Chili
Makes one large pot (5 quarts) – serves about 8 to 10

  • 1 32oz container veggie broth (low sodium if possible, I used vegetable stock that I got from recently steaming vegetables)
  • 1.5 C water
  • 3 (14.5oz) cans diced tomatoes
  • 1 16oz package dried lentils, rinsed
  • 2 sweet potatoes, cubed
  • 3 carrots, sliced (I used 1/2 cup carrot puree that I had in the freezer since I had no carrots)
  • 3 stalks celery, sliced (optional, I did not have any, so I did not use)
  • 1 green pepper, sliced
  • 1 to 2 cloves garlic, diced
  • Huge handful kale (optional, I did not have any, so I did not use)
  • 2 Tbsp cumin
  • 1 Tbsp cinnamon (I, again, did not have any so I did not use, but I did use 1 tbsp of pumpkin butter, which I think has cinnamon in it...)
  • 1 Tbsp chili powder
  • 1 tsp pepper
  • Hot sauce (optional – to taste, I didn't use)
1) Add the veggie broth, water, diced tomatoes, and rinsed lentils into a large pot. Bring the mixture to a boil and let it simmer for about 10 minutes (to soften the lentils) while you’re chopping the garlic, carrots, sweet potatoes, celery, and green pepper.
2) Throw the garlic, kale, carrots, and sweet potato into the simmering pot, followed about 5 minutes later by the celery and green pepper and your spices (I threw it all in at the same time). The room will now proceed to smell awesome (this is true!).
3) Let the mixture continue to simmer, stirring frequently, until it reaches the level of cooked consistency you prefer. This shouldn’t take long (maybe 5 to 10 minutes more) – just make sure the carrots, sweet potatoes, and lentils are soft (I found that it took about 30 minutes for mine to get to the soft consistency that I wanted...).

Friday, January 20, 2012

Not Into It

Wednesday I weighed in at 226.2! I lost 2.2 pounds again this week! I am SO close to my next goal. I have 1.2 pounds to go until I reach it! Hopefully next week!

At the WW meeting, an older lady saw me and came across the room to tell me that I was looking really good! It made me so happy! And yesterday at work, Bekki told me that I looked so skinny. I told her "Not skinny, just less fat!" but I will eventually get to skinny!

Kim and I ran on Wednesday morning again. We did 5 minute walk, 90 second jog, 90 second walk, 3 minute jog, 3 minute walk x2. 3 minutes was SO much harder than 2.5! I don't know why, cause it's only 30 seconds more! Ahh! We do that same interval again tomorrow morning for group run, then it increased a lot on Monday.

I did cross training yesterday. It sucked. I was not into it. I had a horrible day. I forgot my lunch, so I  had to eat some standby soup. It wasn't bad, just not what I was hoping for. Then I didn't have any snacks so I ate a bunch of candy. Then I came home and ate dinner before I went to the Y. I didn't do a lot of my strength training because it was stuff I haven't done before and I couldn't find a good replacement. So I did like 4 strength training exercises. For my cardio, I picked the recumbent bike, which was a big mistake. I kind of just wanted to sit and look at Facebook on my phone the whole time, but I picked one of the fitness programs and it was really hard. It felt like I was pedaling through mud! Then when I was done, it said that I only burned like 74 calories! It was disappointing.

I woke up feeling good that today was a new day. I had a spinach smoothie for breakfast. I had a clementine, banana, and vitatop for my morning snacks. For lunch I had a small portion of last nights "buttered" noodles and half a PB &J. And I had a WW ice cream bar. For dinner we are having burgers.

We were slow at work this afternoon, so I took the afternoon off. I'm planning on going to the Y before I have to go get Elliott from her babysitter. I really need to do some dishes and laundry and stuff too, but all I feel like doing is laying around...

I meet with  my personal trainer tomorrow again. I'm not really sure what we are going to do, but we'll see...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Stressing Out Over Nothing

Yesterday was our first long(ish) running intervals. Before we had only been running 30-60 seconds at a time, but yesterday we did 90 second jog, 90 second walk, 2.5 minute jog, 2.5 minute walk x2. I was really stressing about it, but it wasn't bad at all. Kim and I planned to meet up at 530am to run at the park, but the park was closed until 6am, so we ran on the side walk by her apartment. I had already told Stephanie that I would go to the Y with her that night too. I had planned on doing my strength training and then just doing some walking while she did her run, but I decided to do the run again. I'm glad that I did. It was even less hard the second time. Stephanie did great!

It's crazy how fast we are building up to being able to actually run! Less than three weeks ago we were running 30 seconds at a time and now we are up to running 2.5 minutes! It makes me happy!

This morning I started thinking about maybe signing up for Prairie Fire for the 1/2 marathon. I decided that if I can run the entire 5k in March, then I will sign up for the 1/2 marathon. It makes me scared and excited! I love the things I am accomplishing!

Today is a rest day. Tomorrow we have the same run from yesterday, but 3 minutes instead of 2.5. We usually have our group runs on Wednesday, but tomorrow we have a clinic, so we have to do our run on our own. I'm going to meet Kim in the morning again, and I think Stephanie is going to meet us too. I hope it's not really cold! Yesterday it was 51 degrees at 530am! That is crazy for January!

I better go, my dog keeps trying to steal food from Elliott....

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cake Free Until The Year Ends In 3!

Yesterday we had our group run. It had an increased running time. It was running for 60 seconds at a time instead of 45. I know it was easier this time, because when I would start to get tired, I would start counting up starting at 45 seconds and almost every time, I didn't even get to 50 before the whistle blew. So that means that 60 seconds felt about the same as 45 did last time! They took a photo of our group. I was in the front and I was hating that I was in the front, but when the picture was posted on Facebook, I was really surprised that I didn't hate how I looked.
That is me in the front left in the white hoodie. Now I'm glad I was in the front, because it helped me see some progress!

I went to my friend's daughters first birthday yesterday. It was fun. Elliott had a really good time playing with all the kids. The cake looked SO good, but I didn't have any! I smelled it though! It smelled fantastic! I didn't even feel sorry for myself for not having a piece, I felt good about the decision! That makes 1 cake event down, about a thousand to go for this year. I know I can do it! She posted a picture of me and my daughter on Facebook and it also helped me see my progress! After the party we went over to the park and I felt a lot different from the last time we were there several months ago. I felt like I had the energy to actually play with my daughter and not want to sit down the whole time!

I can't wait to see where I am another 3 1/2 months from now!
October 2, 2011 260lbs

January 14, 2012 228lbs.( I feel like I can really see a difference in my face, neck, and chest.)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

So Badass!

I'm up and ready to go at 630am on a Saturday! Ready to go get my run on at 730am with the S2F group!

We had a group run on Wednesday at 6pm. I headed out to work at around 5pm to meet Kim and Stephanie to car pool. When I got out of my car, it was freaking SNOWING! When I got inside and told them it was snowing Stephanie said "I wonder if they are going to be doing it tonight?" and I said "Yes they will!" When Kim and I went to the informational meeting about S2F, someone asked if we'd be doing the running inside, or outside. They said outside and that there are only a handful of days that would not be safe for running and it would be due to extreme icy conditions. So we went out. When we got there, they told us that the final count for people who signed up for the program was 304. There were about 30 people that showed up to run.... We headed out and it was not only snowing, but SUPER windy. We had 30mph winds with gusts up to 40mph. We ran the first half into the wind and came back with the wind to our backs. It was so cold and so windy, but I'm SO glad I did it! I felt like a badass afterward! They congratulated us on being committed and coming out in the crazy weather! After the run, there was a clinic on how to make healthy smoothies. We got to try some, and now I have a few smoothie recipes in my head that I want to make.

I went to Old Navy yesterday because I keep seeing a commercial on TV about their new workout line with moisture wicking material. I went on my lunch break yesterday to check it out and bought some stuff. I got a long sleeved running top, a light weight running jacket, a pair of long compression pants, a pair of compression capri pants, 4 pairs of compression socks, a sports bra, a cool hoodie that has ear buds built in to it, a running hat, and a duffel bag all for $127. I spent way more than I expected to, but it was all on sale and I saved $85. I hadn't bought anything for my birthday on Monday, so it was to celebrate my birthday and to celebrate my 30 pound weight loss.

My motivational quote for today: The only workout you'll ever regret, is the one you didn't do!

I never really understood this one before Wednesday. I totally would've regretted it (and maybe not even known that I did) if I hadn't gone out to run in that windy snow!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday Weigh-In

I had my weigh in today and I lost 2.2 pounds this week! I was happy with that loss. I'm officially down to pre pregnancy weight!

I went to the Y last night to do my cross-training as part of the Start2Finish program. I did strength training and then 20 minutes on the elliptical. We have a group run tonight with Start2Finish. I hope it is easier than the run I did by myself on the treadmill on Monday!

I had a horrible day yesterday. Not in the fact that I ate bad (I did really well) or that I didn't exercise. I was just feeling down mentally. I kept second guessing myself, asking myself if I really had it in me to follow this through. Then my cousin posted some pictures on Facebook and said that she had lost 62 pounds, and it made me feel like my 30 was nothing and that I still have a LONG way to go. Because of this I spent a good portion of the day on Pinterest looking up motivational saying to help me through. There were two that stuck out to my feeling of yesterday:

I love, love, LOVE looking up motivational shit on Pinterest. It really helps me gain some prospective and keep my head in the right place!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Saturday was our second run with Start2Finish. It was at 730a and it was pretty cold. We did intervals of 30 seconds of running with a 90 second recovery. It was easier that time. We were told to meet someone new, so we introduced ourselves to a woman named Miranda who seemed nice.

After the run, I had my first meeting at the Y with my personal trainer at 9am. I almost didn't go, but am really glad I did. Of course it was with a young, cute guy! ;)We went over my goals and made a specific plan for me to follow. One of the questions he asked in my assessment was "On a scale of 1-10, how confident are you that you will reach your goals?" I said "10" but I meant 11... 12... 20! That what is different this time, I KNOW I can reach my goals!

Yesterday was my birthday. At work we always get everyone a cake on their birthday. This year I requested chocolate covered strawberry and orange slices and apples with peanut butter. Cake is my favorite food in the WHOLE world, but I felt great about not having it! I didn't feel deprived at all! The night before, I was talking to Paul about the cake thing and I said "I wonder if I could go a whole year without eating cake?" and he said "You can't!" and I said "Challenge accepted!" The last time I  had cake was NYE, so 2012 will be a cake free year for me!

I had a run on my own on my training schedule and I went to the Y last night and did it as my cardio. It was pretty much awful! I realized I like running outside WAY more than inside on a treadmill. I was struggling through the whole thing and wanted to quit half way through, but I stuck it out. I was SUPER sweaty by the end! When I was walking out, I was walking by some people on the elliptical behind the treadmills and as I walked by a girl looked at the guy next to me and said "Well, I guess she didn't die!" and I KNEW that they were talking about me. I normally would've been SO embarrassed and maybe never would've ran on the treadmill again. But this time it didn't bother me. Of course there are going to be haters. This is MY journey and no one elses. I'm not going to let what ANY one else say or think stop me. I'm doing this for ME!

Well, Elle is asking for a banana, and I better comply to avert a crisis situation!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


OMG, I have had a fantastic day! I lost 3.4 pounds at my weigh in this week! I was thrilled! I'm 0.4 pounds away from losing 30 pounds! I cannot believe it!

And tonight was the night that Start2Finish started! There is a TON of people. Almost 200. We split up into 3 different groups, Novice 1 (being the easiest) to Novice 3 (being the most advanced). Kim, Stephanie, and I are in Novice 1. We did our first run. We did a 5 minute warm up walk, then we alternated running for 30 seconds and then walking for 90 seconds for 20 minutes. I realized tonight that it is so much easier to run with other people. I have started a 4 weeks to 1 mile (similar to C25K) several times that had about the same run/walk times. This time was much easier. I don't know if it was because I've done it before or the people or both. I was happy to see that I was not the fattest person there. I was actually worried about that. Crazy, I know. But I had already resolved that I was going to be, and I was okay with that.

During the last running stint, I felt SO good! I didn't feel like dying and it felt as my legs were carrying me automatically. I was even passing people! People skinner than me too! I'm so pumped and SO glad I'm doing this program! I'm even more glad that I have friends to do it with!

I had a great week! I'm so proud of myself!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Last night I made my first trip to the YMCA. I did a mile one the treadmill in about 17 minutes, which is the fastest I've ever done. My first PR! Lol! I don't think I've ever broken a 20 minute mile. I ran/walked/jogged for 20 minutes completing 1.1 miles. I was able to run for 3 minutes straight, which came out to be about a 1/4 mile. I've never run that ran/long before. I was so proud! It seems a bit easier to keep running when the floor beneath you is moving you at a steady pace. I was tempted to do more after the 20 minute jog, but I don't want to over do it. There was also a TON of people there. New Year's Resolution-ers, I'm guessing.

S2F starts tomorrow! I'm excited! Another girl from work, Stephanie, is going to do it also. She went and signed up yesterday. She is my receptionist and the person I spend most of my day talking to. I'm glad she signed up. We spend a lot of time talking about weight loss and how much of a mental battle it is. I love talking about it. It helps to keep me going.

I used to never talk about it if I was trying to lose weight. Somehow it seemed as though trying to lose weight was embarrassing. More embarrassing than being obese? I guess that's what I felt. Even this time I didn't start talking about it until I'd lost about 15 pounds. Talking about it helps keep me motivated and accountable.

I was talking to Paul on Sunday night and I finally admitted to him that I had gained a pound last week. I feel good that I ended the year with a 26 pound weight loss. I said "I'm that much ahead of everyone who is starting today!" And it made me feel good, regardless of the gain.

Tonight, Elliott and I are going to my friend Lindsay's house. She has a daughter that's one and we have 2 other friends who have daughters that are 1 and 2 months younger than Elliott. I love that we all have girls so close in age. We get them together to play pretty often and have since they were very young, and us mom's get a chance to talk and hang out. They are all stay at home mom's so they don't have an outlet of adults daily, like I do.

Well, tomorrow is weigh in day. I'm feeling that I'm going to have a good loss this week!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

I gained a pound this week :(. I almost didn't go to WW on Wednesday because of it, but I knew that if I didn't go, I would stay off track and never go back. So I went. I saw my gain, had it recorded, and I have moved on. I'm trying to concentrate on the good things, like how I lost (even with the 1 pound gain) 15.2# between Halloween and Christmas. How I still, on January 1st, have Halloween candy in the house! I normally wouldn't last until November 1st! How I lost weight the week of Thanksgiving. I'm proud of what I have accomplished in 2011, even when I just started this journey in the last quarter.

Last year, I was really sad to see 2010 go. It was the year I had my daughter and that was one thing that made it so very special. This year I've been so glad to see 2011 go, and I'm not sure why. When I reflect on it now, it wasn't all bad. We bought our first home. I got a promotion with a really good raise. My daughter started walking and talking. We got new furniture. I think it has to do a lot with all the weight I gained (and that Paul and I had a HUGE fight on our anniversary, that really sticks out). But I'm determined to get to a healthy weight in 2012 and I know it's going to happen.

I joined the YMCA yesterday. I want to take an exercise class. I think it will be fun. I hope it will be fun. I want to do a swimming class with Elliott, but I want to lose some more weight before I have to get into a swim suit.

I start my running program this coming Wednesday and then I meet with a personal trainer at the Y this coming Saturday. I think that is a great start to my weight loss goals in 2012.

We went to Paul's brothers house last night to celebrate NYE and despite my bringing vegetables and clementines, I still managed to eat more sweets than a person trying to lose weight. I did however track everything I ate. My goal for this week has been to track truthfully and I'm doing well so far. I keep telling myself: Your body keeps accurate record of everything you eat, regardless of what you write down ;)

Well, here's to another week and another wonderful year.