Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Is This Really Me?

Kim and I did our 530am Monday morning run yesterday. The training schedule had progressed us to 5 min walk 4 min run 90 sec walk 3 min run 2.5 min walk 3 min run 90 sec walk 4 min run. I feel like progressing from 3 min run to 4 min run was easier than it was from 2.5 min run to 3 min run.  That's good right? My SmartRunner app wasn't picking up our location so I had to estimate the mileage. I think it was about 1.8 miles in 26 minutes. My muscles were still really sore yesterday, but they actually felt the least sore while I was running.

After work I went to the Y with Stephanie to do some strength training and to do her run with her. We did it on the treadmill last time, and I was excited to see the mileage, however, no treadmills were available, so we ran on the track. I couldn't catch a break yesterday with the mileage!

I felt great starting the day with a workout and ending the day with a workout! It feels so not like myself, but it is like me. It's just the new me!

I've been doing great with my eating too. I've set a 7pm cut off for eating. It's working well. I think I'm going to start scheduling my snacks at work too. I have a habit of eating all my snacks early, then I'm left with nothing for the afternoon and start eating the candy in my desk... I should really throw that candy out. Anyway, yesterday I brought some banana-cauliflower bread and I ate 1/2 of it in the morning and I was saving the other 1/2 for the afternoon. I kept wanting to eat it right after lunch, but I said that I was going to wait until 330pm. At about 130pm, I wrote 330 on the ziplock bag with a sharpie, and it helped. Weird how little things like that can help...

Tomorrow is weigh in day! If I lose at least 1 pound, I will meet my WW 10% and WW 25 pounds. So hopefully I lose at least a pound! I'll get a key chain (for 10%), a charm for the key chain (for the 25 pounds), and another 5 pound sticker!


  1. wow...5.30am... that is not a time that I've seen in years!!! :)

    Also...LOVE the idea of on the snack... thats brilliant! Might have to do that with some work snacks!

    1. Early in the morning is my alone time! And the snack time worked well for me!