Saturday, January 28, 2012


We had a group run this morning. I woke up, still, with a funky tummy, but decided to go anyway. As I was leaving I told Paul that I hoped I didn't vomit or, worse, poop my pants! I stopped by Dillons (the grocery store) and got some Immodium to see if that would help. I must have because the run was great! It felt a lot easier today. I didn't (nor did I even feel like I was going to) vomit or poop my pants. While we were doing our cool down walk and as I was rejoicing in the fact that all my bodily fluids stayed put I stepped off the concrete path and rolled my ankle and fell to the ground. My glasses flew off. I scrapped my knee. Joy. The two head guys running the group came over to me. They thought I had passed out. Nope, just stepped off that stupid path!

I wanted to cry so bad! Not because I was in pain, not because I was embarrassed, but because this is going to be a road block for me. I'm SO PISSED that this happened!

I've wrapped it, iced it, elevated it, heated it. It hurts. It's a little swollen and bruised. I'm just wondering how long it is going to be until I run again. I have a run scheduled on Monday, and I don't really intend to miss it. Our runs are amping up, and I really, really, really need all the practice I can get.


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  1. Noooo!!!!!! ICE ICE ICE ICE! 20min on 20 min off. If you can find some, get some Arnica. Its a herbal anti-inflam. Comes in a gel/lotion and really helps with swelling, soreness, and bruising.

    Don't run on it if it hurts. :(