Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Saturday was our second run with Start2Finish. It was at 730a and it was pretty cold. We did intervals of 30 seconds of running with a 90 second recovery. It was easier that time. We were told to meet someone new, so we introduced ourselves to a woman named Miranda who seemed nice.

After the run, I had my first meeting at the Y with my personal trainer at 9am. I almost didn't go, but am really glad I did. Of course it was with a young, cute guy! ;)We went over my goals and made a specific plan for me to follow. One of the questions he asked in my assessment was "On a scale of 1-10, how confident are you that you will reach your goals?" I said "10" but I meant 11... 12... 20! That what is different this time, I KNOW I can reach my goals!

Yesterday was my birthday. At work we always get everyone a cake on their birthday. This year I requested chocolate covered strawberry and orange slices and apples with peanut butter. Cake is my favorite food in the WHOLE world, but I felt great about not having it! I didn't feel deprived at all! The night before, I was talking to Paul about the cake thing and I said "I wonder if I could go a whole year without eating cake?" and he said "You can't!" and I said "Challenge accepted!" The last time I  had cake was NYE, so 2012 will be a cake free year for me!

I had a run on my own on my training schedule and I went to the Y last night and did it as my cardio. It was pretty much awful! I realized I like running outside WAY more than inside on a treadmill. I was struggling through the whole thing and wanted to quit half way through, but I stuck it out. I was SUPER sweaty by the end! When I was walking out, I was walking by some people on the elliptical behind the treadmills and as I walked by a girl looked at the guy next to me and said "Well, I guess she didn't die!" and I KNEW that they were talking about me. I normally would've been SO embarrassed and maybe never would've ran on the treadmill again. But this time it didn't bother me. Of course there are going to be haters. This is MY journey and no one elses. I'm not going to let what ANY one else say or think stop me. I'm doing this for ME!

Well, Elle is asking for a banana, and I better comply to avert a crisis situation!

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