Sunday, June 24, 2012

New Shoes

Wave Inspire 8
Kim and I went to GoRun yesterday to get our new shoes! I got the Mizuno Wave Inspire 8s and she got the Brooks Glycerine 10s! She had the Brooks Glycerine 9s and liked them alot so she got them again in the new generation! And hers are pink! I tried on the Mizunos, a pair of Adidas, a different pair of Nikes, and a pair of Saucony's but I liked the Mizunos the best! We went to the West store, but they didn't have her size, so they called over to the East store and we went and got them there. I also got a new sweaty band! I got the thin, sparkly, black one!

After shoes, we got lunch at Pita Pit. I got the Hawaiian, which was super good! We went to leave and I couldn't find my keys, then it hit me. I had set them down on the seat next to Elliott's car seat when she started throwing a fit about not wanting to put her shoes on... So... They were locked in my car! I called on of our friends, Bekki, who is pretty good at getting us out of situations like this. So she met us there and we tried for about 2 hours to get the door unlocked. A guys stopped and tried to help us, but it was no luck. I had asked how much it cost to call a locksmith and Bekki said "$75!" I didn't want to pay that! Eventually I called the locksmith, and they quoted me $35. I should have just called in the first place, because I would've paid that rather than mess with it for 2 hours! And it was SO hot! On the phone, the locksmith place asked where we were and what color, year, make and model my car was. Just so happened that there was another red 2004 Saturn Vue in the same parking lot that the guy went to first! I don't know if he tried to get into it or what, but the alarm started going off and that is when we saw him and waved him over to us!

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  1. New shoes! Love new shoes, hope they are great.