Sunday, March 4, 2012


I had my TRX workout with Sam, my trainer tonight. I was dreading it big time, and almost canceled. I'm sooo glad I went though. I talked through some of my stresses with Sam, and I feel better just having talked to someone. I'm going to join his bootcamp on Thursday this month. I'm excited to try something new! And the workout tonight was great! I feel like I'm getting stronger!

I came home and made dinner. We had steak and green beans. Elliott would not eat any steak, she only wanted green beans. She is being very particular about things tonight.

I finally talked to her babysitter and gave my notice. It was stressing me out so bad, but I'm glad I did it. I feel really good about the new sitter she is starting with!

Paul and I went to the movie's Friday night. We saw The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I've recently read the book. It was a little different from the book, but I liked it. We bought candy to take to the movie, but I didn't eat any! I was so proud! Elliott stayed with my friend Lindsay while we were out and I think she had fun!

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