Monday, November 7, 2011


I decided on some fitness goals as well as weight loss goals.

#1: Run 1/4 mile  achieved 1/2/12
#2: Run 1/2 mile
#3: Run 1 mile
#4: Run a 5K

I have just started exercising, so these goals are are ways off, but I feel like they are eventually reachable.

We got the Wii Fit on Saturday and I played on it for an hour. I played on it another hour on Sunday as well as taking Elliott to the zoo and walking the zoo for 2 hours. This morning I got up and did 30 minutes of Wii before work, shopped for workout clothes on my lunch break instead of sitting, then did 10 minutes of step on the Wii after work. I want to try to start running/walking 3 days a week. I'm going to do Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday.

I still feel highly motivated. However, I'm still struggling not to binge eat. The evenings are the hardest for me.

I had my husband take an "official" before photo of me tonight. But these photos were my wake up calls. They were taken October 2nd, 2011. I weigh around 260# in these.

I can't wait to weigh in on Wednesday!

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