Sunday, November 6, 2011

WW Weigh-In Week 1

I had my Weight Watchers weigh-in on Wednesday 11/2 and I weighed in at 246.4 which is a loss of 2.8#! I was surprised it was that much because I (over)indulged in some of my daughters Halloween candy. However, this week I have stayed motivated and am making strides in eating and exercise. I haven't had any candy since Wednesday, but I have had some cookies...

I have been thinking about getting a Wii Fit and Balance Board for our Wii for some time. I looked at them online yesterday morning and it was about $100. Not in my budget right now. So, I looked on craigslist and found one for $30. And I bought it. I did 60 minutes on it last night and first thing this morning. I burned around 300 calories at each work out. It is pretty fun to do. We will see if it helps out my weigh in for this week. My favorite is the kung fu!

Well, here's to a great week!

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