Thursday, July 5, 2012


My back has still been hurting a little bit since Tuesday. I went to Hip Hop Hustle Tuesday evening and it felt pretty good, but I still feel it and its a little sore.

My SIL, Jennifer had a BBQ at her house on Tuesday, but I didn't get to go because Elliott had a fever. They had another BBQ and fireworks last night too, and Elliott was better so we got to go. Elliott loves the fireworks! She got to do some sparklers and she LOVED it! When the sparkler would go out, she would stick it in the water bucket and immediately go get two more for us! Jennifer lives outside the city where they are allowed to have bigger fireworks and they always do in her neighborhood. It's always a fantastic show right from her driveway! I was disappointed in myself because I ate FOUR cookies, gah!

I also took Elliott to see Brave yesterday! I think that Princess Merida is the one of the first princesses of Elliott's generation! I loved her! Everything about her! *SPOILER ALERT!* I was telling Paul about the movie and he asked if she married a price and lived happily ever after and I said "Actually she didn't!" And that is exactly what the movie is about. He said that it wasn't a real princess movie then. I told him it was awesome that she didn't get married and live happily ever after! She got to choose if she wanted to or not!

We are supposed to go to the waterpark at the YMCA today. This could either be really fun or really horrible! With a two year old, it could always go either way!

Hope everyone had a great Independence Day!

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  1. Glad you guys had a great time! I loved Brave, too....such a good message to kids! She is one of the first princesses that really fought for what she wanted, and didn't let everyone tell her who she needed to be. Love it!