Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Long, Colorful Post

I am on vacation from work until July 11 and I couldn't be happier! My mom and one of my little brothers, Leon, are coming up from Oklahoma today! I can't wait to see them!

I got up early this morning and went to the Y to get my 2 miles in. I got there and decided that I was going to do my mobilefit strength workout. I was on my last work out, which is a machine for your back, on my last set and I did something to tweak my back. I had felt like the weight (75lbs) was a little much the previous set, but still continued. Stupid move. I didn't finish that set, and went over to the treadmill. I had to think twice about whether or not I could run, but decided to try anyway. The run actually went pretty well considering the sore back.

I got home and iced my back and had Paul rub it a little bit. Then I took an 800 Ibuprofen. I feel much better now.

We had S2F group run on Saturday at 630am. I was really dreading it. I didn't want to get out of bed, but I did. Then I was driving there and I really wanted to turn around and go home, but I didn't. I got there and the run was awesome! The best run I've ever had! It's so weird how you never know how a run is going to go until you get out there! I think there is something magical about Saturday morning group runs! I suffer through my runs all week, then Saturday is awesome!

Saturday was the first time Kim and I didn't run together in a group run. She ran with Brandi, her boyfriends' SIL. They are MUCH faster than I am! I ran at a good pace for myself, listening to some good music, and had a super good run! When I was done, I sat and had some water, talked to a couple of people new to the program, then went back for Kim and Brandi. They did 5 miles, I did three. Kim was dying on the way back. I ran back with them, then we saw Parrish and talked to her a bit.

Tony Clark, the local guy doing the Badwater is trying to get some media coverage and Parrish is a reporter for one of the news stations, so I told her about it. Here is a video of Tony, you should check it out and donate to Gallant Few if you can! It's a great cause!

After Saturday's run, Elliott had pictures and they turned out super cute! I'll share the sneak peeks I got!
After pictures, Kim, Stephanie and I left for Kansas City for the Color Run on Sunday! When we got to KC, we checked into our hotel, then went to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. I had a Mexican salad from their Skinnylicious menu and a piece of cheesecake that probably had 1000 calories! I was going to look it up, but Kim and Stephanie wouldn't let me! lol!


Sunday morning was the day of the run. We got to Arrowhead Stadium at 6am for packet pick up. I'm glad we got there early, because there was a ton of people! They said it was the biggest Color Run yet and there were 15,000 people on our day. Since we got there early, we got in the first wave. Thank goodness, because it would've been torture waiting any longer than we had to! It was pretty fun, but it should've been set up differently. We walked 90% of it because it was almost impossible to run. There were a TON of walkers, which is fine, but they were walking 7 people across and between getting around the big groups, plus dodging the other people trying to get around them, made for not a fun run. So we walked it. It was supposed to be a color at each kilometer, but it wasn't measured out accurately. I decided before hand that I was going to run it for fun since it was untimed anyway. I almost wore my Garmin, but I'm glad I didn't. The first color was yellow, then orange, so it looked like everyone had rolled in Cheeto dust, lol! Then it was blue, then pink. The finish line was the best part. They have color throws every 5 minutes and it was really cool and fun. It was horrible after it was over though. We couldn't find the station that you are supposed to get blown off at. We were SO colorful! We sat on towels to get back to the hotel, then showered and went home.


  1. CUTE PICS!! Good job on making it to your Saturday run! I wish I had a group to run wtih but I do intervals and am slow! LOVE the color run pics! I so can't wait to do one!

  2. You look like Willy Wonka nerds! Tee-hee! I'm glad you had fun! I bet having a group to run/walk with made it a blast! I'm disappointed in mine because I ended up not having anyone to run with, maybe I should have come up and run with you! I was a little annoyed at the walkers walking all the way across, too, but "just for fun" is definitely the right mentality to go into that run with! And Elliott looks precious!