Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Change of Plans

I'm still here! I've had some time to think and I've come to a hard decision. I have decided to postpone my half marathon. This decision was both hard and easy. Here is how and why I came to this decision.

I got to a point where I was dreading my runs. Last Monday I had a 3 mile run and I was dreading it bad. I texted Kim and asked if she wanted to run, but she didn't respond, so I headed to the park by myself. I set out and turned around fairly quickly. I ended up doing .82 miles and was feeling really crappy when I got a text from Kim that said that she was on her way. So she got up there and we did 3 miles. It is SO much better for me to run with Kim. It makes it enjoyable! When we finished the run, it was almost 10pm! The next run, I was dreading, and ran it on the treadmill. The next run I was dreading and didn't do.

So, my excuses reasons are, basically that it is too hot to train! Where I'm at, it is over 100 degrees every day and I either have to get up and run in the morning, or wait until 8pm or later. My runs are going to get longer, so I'll either have to get up super early or be running until 10pm at night. I don't want to do either. So I decided to do the Prairie Fire 5k and then I will train for the Wichita Half Marathon that is held in April, so I'll be able to do my training in the winter/early spring. I don't feel proud of this decision, but I think it is best for me. Just running in general is a challenge for me, much less running in super hot temps.

So, my focus for the rest of the summer is going to be on weight loss. Since I started running, my focus has been on running and my weight loss has slowed. So running is going to be an aid to my weight loss for now.
Last weekend, we went to my in-laws house to get my bike. I bought this bike shortly before I got pregnant and rode it 2 times. I had it at my in-laws because I was going to try and sell it in their garage sale. It didn't sell and has been there ever since. I remembered that it was there and thought I'd like to add some biking to my exercise regimen.

We went and got the bike on Saturday and Sunday evening I took it out. I did a nice 4 mile ride and it was so much fun! I felt like a kid again!

So yesterday I had a brilliant idea. I was supposed to do a 20 minute run, and I was going to try a new Zumba class. So I thought, I'll ride my bike the the Y, run my 20 minutes on the treadmill, do Zumba, and then ride home! The Y is about 6 miles from my house. So I got home from work yesterday, ate a piece of PB Toast, and headed out on my bike to the Y. It was over 100 degrees, but on the bike it's not too bad. The ride there was nice. I got there to run and I made it about 4 minutes before I decided to walk the rest. My legs were just crazy tired. Then I did Zumba from 745p to 845pm and rode home.

On the way there, I followed a walking route on google maps. It took me down some dirt roads, so on the way back, I decided that I was just going to follow the main streets. I quickly realized why google didn't take me that way. The sidewalk ran out, but I didn't want to turn around so I made due. I had to ride on the grass and over some dirt areas with broken bottles and stuff. Then I almost got hit by a truck! He literally came within 5 feet of me and and yelled at him! I was crossing a drive a he came out of nowhere speeding towards me! By that time, I was ready to be home. I was almost home when it had become really hard to ride and I realized that I was losing air in my tires. I stopped at a gas station and aired them up quickly and continued to ride. Then it became hard to ride again, as the tires were going flat again! So I called Paul to come pick me up. I felt stupid because I was less than half a mile from our house, but legs were dead! We aired up my tires again, but you could hear the air leaking out. That kind of bummed me out...

I did get a really good workout though! I rode over 11 miles and walked and did Zumba! The instructor from Hip Hop Hustle was instructing this Zumba class and I really like her, so I enjoyed the class a lot! There was a TON of people there! It was really fun though!

I weighed this morning and I was 192.2, so I think I've broken through my 193 pound plateau! Hooray! I'm hoping to lose 32.2 pounds by November 1st. That would make 100 pounds lost in about a year!

I started going to WW meetings again as of last week. I'm excited. I did well on WW and I really like the support of the meetings!

That's all for now. I was given a blogger award that I will post in a separate post a little later!


  1. Hi Carrie Ann, I can completely understand your reason for postponing your half marathon. Sounds like you're actually stepping up your activity since your decision. I really hope you reach your November goal weight, sounds like you're on the right path. :)

  2. You know your body better than anyone else. I think its a good thing that you have decided to change the original plan. There is no point in doing something that does not make you happy. Reaching a goal is just a great moment that comes from something that you love an enjoy. Don't make it hard on yourself and hare every min. of the process.

    I have not been to Zumba in awhile. I need to find a class that works around everything else I'm doing.

  3. Keep up the hard work and the half marathon with come! I understand the hot weather completely! Congrats on your weight loss over the past year! That's incredible! I just started my own fitness blog and would really appreciate you checking it out. I need followers to help stay motivated to keep up the blog, and your story is so inspirational! My blog is www.imperfectventure.com Thanks so much!