Sunday, July 15, 2012

Weekly Recap!

Last Monday after the car fiasco happened, I didn't have time to go run before Paul needed to leave for work. I said I was going to run after he got home, but when he got home, I ate dinner and had pretty much given up on running for the day. During dinner, Kim texted me about something at work and I randomly asked her if she had 3 miles to do today, and if she had done them yet. She said that she did have 3 mile and that she had not run them yet. So we decided to meet up at SCP at 730p to run together. We hadn't run together since we'd "broken up"! It was a great run! We chatted and it was really nice outside (for summer)! That day, I really felt like just giving up! But after the run and talk therapy session with Kim, it was better. I felt good and didn't want to give up anymore! There is nothing better than a good run with a great friend! It makes everything right in the world!

I was supposed to run on Tuesday, but I did not. I went to Hip Hop Hustle Tuesday night and there were lots of new people! I was one  of the ones who actually, kind of knew what they were doing and that make me feel good!

Wednesday I almost didn't run, but did at around 8pm. I went to a new park. Linwood Park. It has a 4.9 mile path next to the canal route. I did 2.5 miles and it was hard! I rested on Thursday and did my 2 miles from Tuesday on Friday and they were hard too!

S2F Group source
Saturday morning was the S2F group run. I had 4 miles. When we were breaking off into groups (5k, marathon, and half marathon), Randy, one of the coaches from last session, came up to me and said "I'm glad to see that you are doing the Half! That's awesome!" It made me feel really good! I had a great 4 miles! I was above my target pace of 13:30 min/mile the whole run! I had an average of 12:41 min/mile pace! They took a group photo that I missed because I was running a smidgen late! But it was a cool photo! So many people out to run together on a Saturday at 630am!

Kim Finishing! Source
Saturday, Kim was running the Titan 10k and it had started at 7am. I got done at about 745am, so after the run, I drove over to where they were having the race and started walking the course backwards to find her. I got there at about 8am, and I didn't think she would've finished yet. I was wondering what she was wearing, if she was wearing the race shirt or something else and wondered if I'd be able to spot her. I was at about 5.5ish miles when I saw her round the corner and spotted her right away! I asked how she was doing and she said she was dying! I ran along side her on the sidewalk (I didn't want to be a bandit!) for a while, then headed over to see her cross the finish line. It ended on the high school track and the announcer announced your name as you crossed the finish line, which I thought was pretty cool!

After that I had to go to work. I don't really mind working on Saturday, because it is only for 3 hours. And then at 330pm we went to the wedding of my hairstylist! She is also a friend! She has done my hair for about 6 years! She did my hair for my wedding, for my friend Lindsay's wedding, for Stephanie's wedding... She sang at my wedding and helped decorate! It was awesome to see her on her big day! She looked beautiful!

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Hope you all are having a great weekend!


  1. What happened to the giveaway post?

    1. Weird, I don't know what happened, but it is back up! Sorry!

    2. No worries I just had someone who follows my blog ask about it. : )

  2. I just love it when my pace gets faster! Great job!!

  3. Summer runs are horrible! I always feel like the outdoors are just trying to gather me up in a ball and smother me! But my theory: if you can run in the summer at all, then you're a total bad ass and you can make it through any run! ;)