Monday, May 28, 2012

Weigh In and Get Your Rear In Gear 5k Race Report

Down 4.4lbs this week! Holy Moley! Finally! I made it to ONEderland! I didn't think this day would ever come! I guess working out 5 out of 7 days really paid off!

Stephanie and I went to the Y on Monday night to lift weights and we did some elliptical also. Tuesday night me and Steph did a Turbokick class at the Y. I ran walked 3 miles on Wednesday with Kim at group run. Thursday night Steph and I did Zumba. Last night Kim and I did a 5k. And then this morning I weighed less than 200lbs for the first time in 2 years!

Kim and I pre race

Our race last night sucked so bad. It was SO hot. When I had signed up I thought that since it was going to start at 730p that it would be cooler! Boy was I wrong. The race was in downtown Wichita and part of the race went on this stupid brick road that was so hard to run on! When we we coming off the first mile, we could see a further part of the course and we saw the race leaders and it was really cool! We had never ran a race and been able to see the leaders ahead before. Thomas (one of our...mentors, coaches...I don't know) was one of the leaders, which he always is. I knew that he was going to be overall winner as soon as I saw him before the race started. He always is! The course was 2 loops and when we were about 2.5 miles in, Thomas lapped us. He was going so fast and it all just seemed effortless for him. I hope to be there someday.

This is what my 100% looks like! Final Stretch
My brother and his girlfriend, Mary, came out to cheer us on with Paul and Elliott. When we looped back around and saw them, I wanted to stop so bad! It really was a tough race! We kept going. When we finally looped around to the final stretch, Kim sounded like she was having trouble breathing. She said that she was trying not to cry. See the race was for colon cancer and her grandpa has been in the hospital this past week and they found a tumor in his colon, so it meant so much more for her.

My finishing time was 43:06, so no PR. I didn't have a PR in mind, I just wanted to finish. I felt completely unprepared for the race! Kim did text me later and tell me that her mapmyrun showed a long course at 3.24 miles...
Me and Kim post race

After the race, Paul, Elliott, and I walked and had Gelato with my brother and Mary. I'd never had Gelato before. I first chose Blood Orange flavor, but decided on Mint. It was really good!

5 days until the 10k. I'm super nervous!

Stephanie at her bachlorette party

We played LIFE at the Bridal Shower
Today Paul , Elle, and I went to the zoo with my mother-in-law and niece and nephews. It was fun. We were there for about 5 hours! It has been a busy weekend! I had Stephanie's bacherloette party on Friday night, Elliott had pictures on Saturday morning, Sunday was Stephanies Bridal Shower which I had completely forgotten about, so I was super late, and today we went to the zoo. Next weekend is the RiverRun 10k on Saturday and Stepahnie's wedding on Sunday.
Elliott is normally TERRIFIED of these statues, but she has started to warm up to them!

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  1. Congrats on the huge loss this week and making it into Onederland. I am so close I can't wait to be there too. Good luck this week.