Friday, May 4, 2012

Wesley 5k Race Report

So, I ran the Wesley 5k with Paul on Wednesday. We both left work early to get to the expo by 5pm. We had Elliott with us. Kim said that she didn't have class that night, so she offered to watch Elliott and cheer us on while we ran! She even made a sign!

Paul and I. This is the M shirt!
We were on a "team" with some other people from sister companys of his company. They had made t-shirts for the event and I had told Paul to get me a size M when we registered. I had been wishing I had gotten a L. I was right! The shirt was pretty snug!

Elliott and Kim
After we took a group picture, I took the company shirt off and wore the race shirt, which I really liked! I saw that Elliott was getting along well with Kim, so we didn't go back over to her. I had told Kim to bring M&M's with her, and they worked like a charm!

We got up to the starting line, and there was a news anchor from the morning show that I watch not to far ahead of us!

The gun went off and Paul and I ran together for approximately 90 seconds before he started going way too fast for me to keep up! I saw him realize I was gone, and he was looking back for me, but I kind of wanted to run it by myself! Plus I didn't want him badgering me the whole time to run faster than I was comfortable!

The race started and immediately went up a hill to go over a bridge! Ah! I ran the first mile dying of thirst! It was SUPER hot and humid! When I finally saw the water station about 1.5 miles in I was so excited! Except for the water was warm! Ew! I walked through the water station. Then I walked a LOT the next 1.6 miles. I was running at about 2 miles in, and I saw some girls with a cooler holding out a bottle of water! Once I realized it was water they were waving at me, my face lit up and I ran fast over to them and thanked them profusely! I downed 1/2 the bottle immediately, and then felt like I was going to vomit! Then I wished I hadn't taken it, because I hated running with it! I finally saw a trash can at about 2.5 miles and threw it away!

Getting close to the finish!
I pretty much felt miserable the whole time because it was so hot! At one point while I was walking I had resolved that I wasn't going to PR. When I was close to the 3 mile marker, I could hear a crowd cheering and I got really excited and picked up my pace! I passed the 3 mile mark and I knew I was almost there! There were a bunch of high school kids cheering as we ran passed and then I saw my stroller, then Kim and Elliott, then I saw the finish line! I was close to the finish line and I heard Paul cheering "Come on Carrie!" and I started running HARD for the finish line! I crossed the finish line with a time of 43:07! I was completely shocked that I PR'd! My time 6 weeks ago was 44:54 and I ran the whole time!

Me and Paul post race
Paul and I went and got a banana and some water and went to find Kim and Elliott. We talked about the race and Paul told me that he wanted to stop right after the bridge, less than 1/2 a mile in! He did really well though! 37:19 was his time. We wore each others numbers on accident! Oops!

I'm really glad that Paul ran this with me! I feel like it's brought us closer in a new way! He has been hurting bad the past two days since though! He asked me if I hurt at all, and I do not!

I realized at this race how much I love crossing that finish line! There is nothing like being so close to the finish line and just giving it your all! Leaving it all on the course and then you are done!

I weighed myself yesterday morning and I was 202.8! That is down another 10lbs for a picture, so I had Stephanie take a picture of me at work:

I love being able to add progress pictures!


  1. Great Job!! It always feels good to PR.

  2. Congrats on the 5K! I'm already excited to do my next one :) keep up the fabulous work lady!