Thursday, December 22, 2011

Goal Clothes

I got off of work really early today (10am) and I went to sign up for the Start 2 Finish running program. I got my shoe fitting and my shoes also. I got Nike+ Zoom Structure. I really like them and they feel fantastic! I can't wait to run in them. What really surprised me is that they are a size 8.5! I have never, ever worn any size even close to that! My normal size is a 6.5-7, 7-7.5 since I had my daughter. He said that it was typical for your running shoes to be bigger.

After that I went to the Goodwill and got some stuff! I got a Biggest Loser T-shirt, a Mizuno "tech" shirt, some New Balance running pants, some adidas pants (that are WAY to small! They said XL, but I think they might be children's pants lol!) And I got some goal clothes. I got a couple pairs of jeans, one is a size 16 and one is a 14. I got a size L goal dress. And I got a goal shirt and sweater. I also got a couple of books for Elliott and a hat for Paul. He probably won't like it, but we'll see. I got him a pair of jeans at the Goodwill recently and they were his normal size, but since they were "fashion jeans" (as he called them) they were super tight on him! It was almost inappropriate! I told him that they could be his goal jeans. He said that his goal jeans would be 10x bigger because his goal is to get to 500 pounds and then to go on the Biggest Loser and win. He is silly!

Tonight we are going to my brother's girlfriends house. They have gifts for Elliott. Then tomorrow is Paul's family Xmas. Then we'll have Elliott open her gifts Saturday and Sunday. Then Xmas is OVER! And I will have made it through the holiday season 16 pounds lighter than I started it, which BLOWS MY MIND!

I also need to have Paul take an updated picture of me, because I have lost 10 pounds from my official before picture. 

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  1. Goal clothes -- fun! Good idea! :-)

    That is a fun fact about running shoes. How weird that they are supposed to be bigger. Learn something new everyday!

    Enjoy the holidays. Sounds like you will be busy.