Tuesday, December 27, 2011

It's Over!

Xmas is finally over! I'm so glad!

Last Friday at work, Taylor brought these cupcakes. I had one. It was good. But I kept thinking about them ALL day! I hate that. I put up a post it note on my desk and on the cupcake plate that said: It's my choice and my choice is NO! It actually helped! Kara came up to me later and told me that the note helped her too, and that's what made me even more happy!

We celebrated with Paul's family on Friday. It was a really good time. I got a food processor, a tea kettle, and Just Dance 3 for Wii! I loved all my gifts, except for the enormous box of chocolate that his dad gave us. I'm doing pretty well with it though. My daughter got a wagon, an Elmo ride on airplane toy, a picnic basket toy, a build a bear cow, some clothes, and a few other things. Christmas Eve was pretty uneventful. Elliott, Paul, and I made cookies for Santa. 
Helping Daddy mix the batter.

Mix Mix Mix!
Mix it up!
Ready to go into the oven (that is my new tea kettle!)
We didn't have any baking soda, so I used baking powder. The cookies came out like this, lol! They still tasted okay... Santa didn't mind!

Christmas morning Elliott opened her presents from Mommy, Daddy, and Santa. She got a play kitchen from Santa. From Daddy and I, she got some play food, a couple of books, a Strawberry Shortcake movie, a cute plush Cinderella doll, a stuffed monkey with a blanket, and some socks and stuff in her stocking. It was a good uneventful day!

I've been playing my Just Dance game and I love it! It's a great workout!

I weigh in tomorrow at WW. Then next Wednesday is our first clinic and group run for the S2F running program. I'm excited to start and work towards more goals.

Elliott is supposed to be napping right now, but I can hear her in her room playing. I better go see what she is doing....

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