Thursday, December 1, 2011

Okay, so I survived Thanksgiving week with a loss of 1.4#. I was hoping for more, buy any loss is a good loss.

I also survived the Thanksgiving 5k! We walked almost all of it, but we did do a bit a running and we also dashed to the finish, mostly because the clock was very close to the 1hr mark and my goal was to finish in under an hour, mainly because Paul said that I could not. My official time was 56.52 and I came in 899th place out of 927. Paul and Elliott were there to cheer me on! There were a couple of people running the race that had on shirts that said "Earn the Turkey" and I liked that! Kim and I are going to do the Frosty 5k on January 1st and I'm hoping to run a lot more of it. Kim has been a HUGE supporter of mine and I'm so glad that she is helping keep me motivated! Yesterday at my WW meeting, I told them that I ran the 5k on Thanksgiving and they gave me a charm that said 5k on it! I thought it was awesome and I like it very much!

Kim before the race.

Kim texting Bekki and telling her to get here already!

Bekki doing her 80s stretches Kim and Bekki (I love this photo!)

Bekki, Kim and I before the race.

Kim and I dashing to the finish! Notice the 58:20 on the clock!

Crossing the finish line!

Celebrating! (I hate how I look in this one, but love the fact that I'm not going to look like that forever!)

Bekki finishing

Me, Bekki, and Kim after the race

Elliott, Me, Bekki, and Kim after finishing!

I earned my 5% at WW yesterday! I was so excited! I was hoping to earn it the week before, but I missed by 0.6#. On to 10% now.

The other day I asked Paul if I looked any smaller to him and he said that I didn't. I didn't really expect him to. It's hard to see gradual change in someone that you see every day. When I saw my mom at Thanksgiving, she said that I looked a lot smaller. She hadn't seen me since the end of September. I had been posting pictures of my walks on Facebook every day and she told me that she had started walking on the treadmill!

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