Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

I realized earlier that this will be Paul and I's 10th Valentine's Day together. I can still remember the first one 10 years ago, when he was just a guy that I had a crush on. My friend Lindsay and I had a "singles" Valentine's Day party. We had heart shaped pizza's and Paul brought heart shaped sugar cookies from the cake shop that he worked at the time. An entire decade! That seems so crazy to me. We usually don't really do anything special for Valentine's Day anymore, which I'm totally okay with. I hope he brings something home for Elliott though :)

Kim joined the Y last night and we did our run on the dreadmill again. Stephanie wanted to lift weights too, and we usually do, but I was still pretty sore from my TRX workout the day before. I did about 3 machines of upper body and then back extension. Then I saw that there were three treadmills open all next to each other, so Kim and I went over to snag them and Stephanie shortly followed. We had a 5 minute warm up walk (as always) and then 24 minute run. It seemed a lot easier in the beginning than it usually is. We had about 8 minutes left when I started to have that feeling like I wasn't going to be able to finish (even though I always do!). I had dinner a couple of hours before I went, but that was too close to run time. I had about 3 times when I felt a little pukey while running, with those puke-ish burps (or is that just me?). I did fine though.

Today is a rest day and I'm so glad! Elliott and I went to the Dollar Tree earlier and she got a butterfly Valentine's Day balloon, so she is happy! And not puking! I think I'm going to make some brownies for Paul... Let's hope this doesn't end badly!

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