Saturday, February 4, 2012

My First Mile

My ankle is doing better every day! I ran on it again on Wednesday (with the brace) and it actually felt the best it has since I injured it while I was running. Our run on Wednesday was 5 minute walk 8 minute run 5 minute walk 8 minute run.

A lot of people were talking in anticipation about today's run on Wednesday. 20 minutes, no walking. I talked to those around me trying to reassure them that we will be able to do this. We are training for this. Think back to 4 weeks ago when we were running for 30 seconds and it killed! That day we were running stints of 8 minutes and we would be fine. I was trying to reassure them as much as I was trying to reassure myself.

Skip to today. The 20 minute run day. When I got there Kim told me I looked like I was wasting away (!!!) and that she almost didn't recognize me! I'm still wearing the ankle brace. My ankle is still a little sore, bruised, and swollen, but it's getting better every day! I got there right on time and didn't have a lot of time to fret over the next 20 minutes. We started with some dynamic exercises and then we were off. For some reason, the first about 6 minutes were pretty tough. I didn't think I was going to make it, but I kept going, telling myself that my body can do this, it's my mind I have to convince. When he blew the 10 minute whistle to turn around, I was surprised. I felt like shorter than 10 minutes. We turned around and ran back. The last 40 yards I picked up my speed and powered through to the finish. I checked my running app on my phone and it said I just ran 1.6 miles! I ran my first mile! My first 1.6 miles!

I'm so incredibly proud of myself and my group. I don't think I saw a single person stop to walk! I can't believe it. I've run a mile! It seems like something that's probably so small to most people, but to me, it's huge! It's my first of many miles!

I lost 2 pounds at my weigh in this week. My goal was 1.9! I received my 25 pound WW charm!

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  1. WOOHOO!!! *fist pump* awesome workout and great weight loss!!!