Monday, February 13, 2012


I'm home from work again today. This time it's with a sick little girl :( Yesterday morning she puked a little bit, then seemed fine. She puked again after breakfast ALL over me. She seemed fine the rest of the day, playing as usual. She even ate dinner without an incident. Paul laid her down to sleep in our bed last night and at about 145am she started puking again. It's so sad when she pukes and cries. I rinsed the vomit out of her hair and then she fell back asleep. I was up until about 4am, waiting for her to puke again, but she didn't. I was going to take her to the doctor, but it snowed a lot over night, so I'm going to wait to see if she pukes anymore. If she does, I'll make an appointment for tomorrow.

Other than that, I had my last free session with my trainer yesterday. We did TRX again. I'm sore today, but not even half as sore as I was last time. I did upper body with TRX, then rowed 600 meters on the rowing machine, then did lower body TRX, then we had me do some fartlek training on the track. Those were so hard because my legs felt like noodles! At the end we saw that I had earned enough points to redeem another TRX session, so we set it up for March 2 or 3, I can't remember. I have also earned enough points to do a free month of boot camp, so I'm signing up for his boot camp on Tuesday nights for March.

The other night, was walking by my running shoes and saw something inside of them. This is what I found:

Elliott had filled my shoe with dog food! She is a silly girl!

I have a 24 minute run scheduled for today. With all the snow, it looks like it will most likely be on the dreadmill! I'm not excited! Hopefully we'll have our regular scheduled run outside on Wednesday!


  1. so cute! I was thinking that it was going to be puke in the shoe!! Dog food is much better!