Sunday, February 19, 2012

Not Happy!

Uh. Busy weekend. My mom came into town from Oklahoma yesterday. She came because my brother's girlfriends' mom is in town from Massachusetts. My mom said that she ought to come meet her now, so she doesn't have to meet her the day before their wedding. She met my MIL the day before our wedding, and Paul and I were together 5 years before we got married, lol!

So we were all going to go to dinner together. My brother called and said to meet at Red Robin at 630p. I was not happy about the restaurant choice and immediately started looking up nutritional information. After I looked at everything I had decided that I was going to either get the Crispy Fish Burger (around 560 calories) or a cup of chicken tortilla soup (around 170 calories) and have some french fries also. I really didn't want the soup, so I had kind of decided on the fish burger. When we got there I couldn't find the fish burger on the menu and started freaking out. I almost caved and got what I would usually get, The Bonsai Burger (around 1100 calories). I was saying "Well, what if I only eat half of it?" They came to take the order and I still hadn't decided and last minute decided to get the soup. I was not happy with the decision. When it came out, it was literally a cup of soup. It was good, which I was happy about, but it was gone in about 3 minutes. Then I ate probably about 10-20 french fries. Paul stopped eating when he had about 1/4 of his burger (1200 calories) and I ate some of it (the bottom part of the bread and the beef patty). My brothers girlfriend and her mom got these HUGE salads and I looked them up and they were 1400 calories!!!!!! I left feeling pretty shitty, but it could've been a lot worse! I was so glad to leave though. It is so loud in that place and then there was my daughter, who is usually well behaved, but my little siblings (4, 6, and 7) were there, so she was going crazy like they were.

I had a group run yesterday morning. It was 26 minutes which was 1.8 miles. We are getting so close to 2 miles and I'm so excited! It was a freaking great run yesterday. I didn't feel like I hated it at all and I felt great! It was the complete opposite of Wednesday night run.

Kim, Stephanie, and I went to the Y to workout Friday night. My trainer changed up my strength workout, so I was doing a lot more reps than I'm used to doing. It was a good workout. Weights, then the elliptical. The elliptical machine I chose had a fan built in and that made me super happy!

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