Saturday, April 21, 2012

Day 4

I'm half way through Day 4 of Phase 1 of TFSD. I'm still going strong. I a little worried about tonight and tomorrow, because my mom is coming into town and we usually go out to eat when she is here. I'm determined to stay strong though. My favorite meal on this "diet" (I HATE the D word!) has been a meal of mushrooms, green bell peppers, fresh green beans, and onions sauteed in olive oil with a little bit of garlic powder!

I did my run this morning! It was a 40 minute run, but I did 42. I looked and I was really close to 5k, so I just finished it out. I did 5k in 42:44, which is over 2 minutes faster than I did at the Run2Believe 5k last month! I was so happy with that! I started to get a little cough-y around 2.5 miles, but I did well overall.

After the run, Kevin, one of our "coaches" pulled me over as a testimonial on the program. A girl was running in the park and I guess she was asking him about it. He pulled me aside and told the girl that I started out as a brand new runner and then asked me how far I had just run. I was very proud to say I'd just finished over 3 miles!

My new running friend, Lori, was talking about how she did not feel prepared for the 10k. I said that I didn't really feel ready either, but I had faith that I would be there 6 weeks from now. Last time we talked, I told her that she should consider doing the half marathon, instead of just the 5k. Today she said that she would rather do the 5k, that she was confident she could do, and do it faster, than do the half marathon, that she wasn't sure she could finish. The whole conversation kind of made me think twice about doing the half marathon, but I have thought about it all day, and I AM going for the half. I will get there!

And now I leave you with a picture of my adorable daughter, Elliott!

So what do you think? Would you rather run a 5k that you know you can finish and run it fast, or run the half marathon that your not as confident about?

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  1. Both! I think you need things like the 5k, that you know you can do, in order to give you confidence to try for the bigger goal. Goals are meant to make you work yourself, and sometimes you succeed and sometimes you don't. When you reach one goal (the 5k), you have to make a new goal (the half marathon) in order to keep growing.