Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Story of the Vanilla Ice Cream Cone

Before I started losing weight, I ate ice cream often. However, I never ate plain vanilla ice cream. Why? Because I was super obese and a sugar addict. It's like an alcoholic only having one drink. Vanilla ice cream didn't satisfy me. I had to have chocolate syrup, M & M's, cookies, etc smashed up into it. I didn't even like the ice cream of a Blizzard to be vanilla, I preferred chocolate.

The other day, Paul, Elliott, and I were at a local restaurant and I had a coupon for a free vanilla ice cream cone. I thought I would get one and share it with Elliott. And let me tell you. It was the BEST ice cream cone I'd ever had! Now that I'm not constantly eating to maintain an average blood sugar of 800, I can enjoy a "plain" vanilla ice cream cone. It really opened my eyes that I am really changing.
I woke up this morning feeling much better than I have in days. I still don't feel good, but it's getting better. Hopefully I'll be good enough tomorrow to run. I already have 2 runs to make up.

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