Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Fat Smash Diet

I've been inspired by The Pink Elephant to try out the Fat Smash Diet. I checked out the book from the library on Tuesday and I'm on Day 2 of the diet. It's not something I would normally try. Pretty much because it has the words diet and detox in it. I think that those are both buzz words that are over used. What I was drawn to was the no counting aspect of it. I've been counting and counting for 6 months! It says to let your hunger guide you, and I really like that. It also focuses on exercise a lot too, which I also like.

Phase 1 of the diet (Detox) is pretty restrictive and lasts 9 days. I've done really well the last two days and hope I can continue the momentum.

I tried to run yesterday with Kim. We ended up walking mostly. My chest is just too congested right now. At least we were out the walking and having great conversation!


  1. good luck! Im interested in how that "diet" works.

  2. I'll be interested to see how it works also ~ Good Luck!! xoxo