Monday, April 23, 2012

Week 2 Weigh In

I weighed in at 205.6! That is down 3.4lbs for this week! I'll take it! So close to ONEderland!

I almost gave up on TFSD twice yesterday. Once at lunch time when I wanted to eat something quick and easy, but I had egg whites and northern beans instead. Then I was REALLY close to giving up yesterday evening. We were at our nephews birthday party and they had chips, hot dogs, beans, and cake. I was talking to Jennifer (my SIL) and she was telling me that it was okay to induldge a little sometimes, and I had decided to give up the diet. Then I talked to Paul and told him that I was going to give up the diet and asked him if he thought I was weak and he said "Sometimes." and I decided not to give up. I ate beans and drank a bottle of water. I'm glad I did not give up!

I had my 2 mile race yesterday! I finished in 24:07 which is the fastest I've ever run! Kim finished in 21:35, I think! My mom and youngest brother came into town from out of state and watched me run! Paul and Elliott were there also! Before the race I saw a girl I know from facebook, a girl I went to high school with, a few people from S2F, and Kevin, a coach from S2F.

While I was running, there was a guy who was probably around 80 years old who was walking and he passed me running! He was ridiculous! Go him!

They had the race started by a bunch of motorcycles revving up their engines! It was pretty cool! It gave me goosebumps!

It was a fun race, but my legs were dead afterward!

Kim and I pre race

Kim coming in to finish

Kim crossing the finish line

I'm so happy to see the finish line!

I'm coming in to finish

Me crossing the finish line

Elliott and I after I finished

Me and Kim post race

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