Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Oh, The Horror!

I woke up this morning and was laying in bed savoring the morning before I had to get up! I have Tuesdays off, but I have had to work the last 2, due to someone being on vacation. That resulted in me working about 50 hours a week, for the last two and being extremely tired! So I have been looking forward to today for some time.

I heard Elliott talking on the baby monitor so I got up to go get her. I got to her room and looked in in horror. She had taken off her diaper and peed and pooped (loose stools! Blah!) on the floor! I could not believe this was happening! I took her to the bathroom and cleaned her up and then went to re-access the damage in her room. I cleaned up the poop first and then the pee. Then I could still smell poop, so I turned and looked at her bed and there was poop all over the bed! So I stripped off her sheets and started the laundry right away! There was a tiny bit of poop on her froggy, so I cleaned her up too. Then I went and told Paul about the horror! When he got to the living room, he saw her potty chair sitting there and he took it into her room. "Maybe she will use this next time!" Lol! I have to laugh in order not to cry!

 I am finally no longer sore from yoga! Just in time to run tonight! We run 30 minutes tonight, 30 minutes tomorrow, and 45 minutes on Saturday.

Saturday will be busy. I run in the morning. I have Elliott's friend (my friends daughter), Lily's, 2nd birthday party. Then I'm going to a concert Saturday night. We are going to see Miranda Lambert and Chris Young. I'm going with Kim and her boyfriend. Then a couple other ladies from work and their husbands, and another girl that we used to work with (her mom still works with us and is one of the ladies going).

I feel a little awkward because the girl that used to work with us has recently unfriended me on facebook. We got along really well when we worked together. I went to her bridal shower, was invited to her bachlorette party, and was one of two (the other one was Kim) people from work invited to her wedding. Then she moved away to a city a few hours from ours. We were friends on facebook, then one day she unfriended me. The only reason I even knew was because she had commented on one of Kim's posts and it had the option to add her as a friend. I'm not sure why, but I didn't let it bother me because I never see her anyway! Then there was an extra ticket for the concert and Kim told me that she was coming and I immediately wished I wasn't going... Oh well. I'm an adult. I didn't unfriend anyone, so it should be her that feels weird about it...

That's all for now!

P.S. I did really good on my food tracking yesterday. I even had some easter candy within my points. I just need to try to stay away from it better. The way I did with the Halloween candy!

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  1. Maybe the only reason you were unfriended is that she was "cleaning up" her friends list to be the ones that she talks with on a regular basis. I know people that have kind of started over with their friends lists and/or pared down to just those they regularly see or talk to. Either way you shouldn't take it personally. Act as if you are not aware of that and enjoy your concert!